Your-Licence-Key-Here Frequently Asked Questions - Splendid Jewellery
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What are the Available Shipping Methods?

We provide three options:

  1. Free Express delivery - All products above $50 are delivered within 1-5 business days worldwide.
  2. Standard delivery - All products under $50 are delivered within 7-15 business day's time frame for free delivery worldwide.  
  3. Next Day delivery - 1-2 business days with flat fees of $49.50 worldwide.  

    Read more detail shipping and return terms and condition 

    Do You Offer Any Warranties on Jewellery?

    We offer comprehensive warranties that are some of the most impressive in the industry. Warranty guidelines are based on the jewellery piece’s price:

    • All products: 30 days warranty
    • All Tungsten wedding band: Lifetime warranty on any kind of manufacturing defect. 

    Please also view our Warranty Information Page.

    Can you resize any ring free of charge?

    Yes we offer free of charge ring resize service for most of the rings except Tungsten rings. If your preferred size is not available please reach out to us at or give us a call/WhatsApp on +61 468426972. 

    Is there only one ring size available?

    We manufacture our rings according to average finger sizes. Our website’s product information will include the available sizes for each individual ring design. If you need a different size to what is already available we can discuss adjusting the ring for you. 

    Unsure about your ring size? Use our handy ring sizer tool by clicking here. The tool helps you determine the most appropriate size for your finger, for a comfortable fit. 

    Can you engrave on jewellery items?

    We offer engraving services for personalized items only. Product descriptions will indicate whether it’s possible on a specific item. Contact us with your personalization request. 

    Can I Request Jewellery Certifications?

    You can contact us if you require jewellery certification with your purchase. We provide this with certain:

    • Gold jewellery items
    • Diamond jewellery items

     Please contact us at BEFORE making your purchase, in order to arrange for the certification to be sent to you.  

    Does Gold or Diamond Jewellery Require Maintenance?

    It’s best to protect your jewellery against the effects of:

    • Dirt build up
    • Makeup
    • Substances that can tarnish and ruin their beauty 

    A simple mixture of mild liquid detergent and water will suffice for cleaning diamond jewellery. 

    How Do I Maintain Metal in My Ring?

    It’s vital to maintain metal parts, but different metals require unique maintenance methods:

    • Tungsten: This is durable and doesn’t require much attention to present well.
    • Platinum: It scratches easily so don’t use harsh cleaning methods.
    • Gold: It’s a soft metal which needs gentle caring techniques. Soap film will also build up easily on this metal’s surface. Ideally, you shouldn’t wear it while bathing, showering or using household cleaning products and chemicals. 

    In What Ways Do White Gold and Platinum Differ?

    White gold’s colour comes from the alloys mixed into pure gold. In contrast platinum—a pure metal—is white by nature and this metal is also much stronger & more durable than white gold. 

    What is the Definition of Contemporary Metals?

    Contemporary metals are also called non-traditional metals. Their popularity has grown in the jewellery industry as they add some variety to consumers’ options. These metals include:

    • Titanium
    • Stainless steel
    • Tungsten 

    Why aren't there enough images and videos for your product items?

    We're digitalizing over 13,000 SKUs, so please bear with us. For more pictures or videos of any item, please contact us at with the SKU code.