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Risk Free Online Shopping For Unique Men and Women Jewellery

When you’re looking for gorgeous pieces of jewellery, whether they be wedding rings, diamond rings, necklaces, earrings or virtually anything else, you need a source you can trust. Jewellery can be absolutely breathtaking when it’s made from genuine materials and with the expert craftsmanship you’d expect in a quality piece, but the quality is easy to fake when you don’t look hard enough.

Buying jewellery online exposes you to all sorts of scams that will leave you wanting more from your purchase and with no recourse to recoup your lost expenses. Fortunately, there is a way you can avoid the issue altogether. Work with Splendid Jewellery, and you’ll have access to an incredible, high-quality selection, along with guarantees that ensure your complete satisfaction. Let’s take a look at all the benefits you can enjoy by shopping with Splendid Jewellery.

Get to Know Us

No one wants to buy high-price items like jewellery from someone they don’t know, so let us introduce ourselves. My name is Pooja Goradia and I live in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. I started this store in May 2017 with the aim to deliver high-quality jewellery to customers at the lowest possible price  Our philosophy is that all men and women deserve to feel attractive, and there’s no better way to enhance your appearance than with an impactful piece of jewellery crafted to complement your already stunning features and remarkable charm.

While we love calling our little corner of the southern hemisphere home, we’re happy to ship our jewellery anywhere in the world without additional cost, so don’t worry about increased shipping if you’re on the other side of the planet. In addition, most of the items are available to ship via express service and are delivered within two to five days.

Our collection includes a wide variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms and so much more. We can even create personalised jewellery to complement your unique personality or the personality of that special someone.

12 Reasons to Buy from us


Jewellery can be a huge investment, especially if you have your eye on quality pieces made from genuine materials. Being able to determine which pieces are actually genuine, however, can be tricky, since the average person may not know what to look for. It’s hard enough to find nice pieces in a jewellery store, and when you shop online, you’re taking on an even greater level of risk.

All that changes when you shop at Splendid Jewellery. Each of our items comes with a warranty, so you can get your money back should you find a manufacturing defect. All items come with complete with a 30-day warranty that allows you to return it for a full refund. Our Tungsten Wedding Band warranty lasts forever. It could be 10 years before you find a defect, and you’re still welcome to return it with no hassle. We even cover shipping costs for you on lifetime warranty items.

You Shop we Donate, Splendid Jewellery

Socially Responsible

Your purchase has the power to make a positive impact! The causes that matter to you, matter to us. Which is why we are donating 10% of your purchase to the cause of your choice at no extra cost to you. When you make a purchase through us you’ll see a “You Shop. We Give.” section as you check out. Select a featured cause, or search to find a cause you want to support. We will donate 10% of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

Price Beat Guarantee

One of the best parts of shopping online is that it’s really easy to compare prices. There’s something undeniably appealing about finding a great buy on a beautiful piece of jewellery, and we don’t want to take that away from you. That’s why we provide a price beat guarantee for items above $5000. If you find one of our items at a lower price somewhere else, we’re happy to refund you the difference so you can enjoy your savings and our quality service.

The Splendid Jewellery Experience

Choosing a gorgeous necklace or a stunning ring should be an enriching experience that can strengthen the bond between you and a loved one or improve your own style like nothing else can. Splendid Jewellery makes this experience unforgettable with unrivalled convenience and exceptional customer service you won’t find anywhere else. Order today to take advantage of all the benefits of buying from us.