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Tungsten Wedding Band - FAQs

11 Most Common Tungsten Wedding Band Questions and Answers

What is a tungsten wedding band?

The tungsten wedding ring is made of tungsten carbide. In contrast to valuable metal like Gold and Diamond Tungsten isn't mined. It is made of Wolframite metal. Unadulterated tungsten is too hard to even think about working with, so tungsten is intensified into its carbide powder structure and after that blended with a cover like Nickle or Cobalt to make a compound which can be made into various shapes.

Where to buy tungsten wedding bands?

Splendid Jewellery has the best collection of Tungsten Wedding Band. We provide a lifetime warranty, free resizing replacement and free engraving on the tungsten wedding band.

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Why buy tungsten wedding bands?

It is the most durable wedding band in the world. It is both dent and scratch safe, and the most wear safe sort of jewellery on the planet. It is suitable for those men who work in a profession which has a high likelihood of gouge or scratch on their wedding ring. It is also suitable for a man who likes to wear a slightly heavy weight wedding band then gold. Tungsten rings will never twist. You can pound it like insane and it will dependably hold its shape. It will look sparkly new even on your 100th anniversary.

How to clean tungsten wedding bands?

Your Tungsten ring will look new and shiny for many years in the rugged condition. But if it needs to be cleaned do not use brutal synthetic substances household like bleach, stove cleaners and drain openers. Rather, use dish cleanser. Make a solution of water and dish cleanser in high temp water with few drops of the cleanser. Scour the ring with a cloth or brush. Wipe the ring with a clammy cloth.

How strong are tungsten wedding bands?

The tungsten wedding ring is 10 times as hard as gold, 5 times as hard as steel, and 3 times as hard as titanium. It is a strong and solid material yet it can break. Abstain from dropping it deliberately.

How to polish tungsten wedding bands?

Your Tungsten wedding band might get dull if it gets exposed to harmful chemicals like ammonia or bleach found in a household cleanser. The simplest way is to ask your local jeweller or an online shop like us to polish it for you. If you are a DIY man you can use the following steps. Please be careful and do it only if you are good at using tools.


  • Some safety goggles to ensure your eyes are protected in the event that touch of cleaning glue comes taking off the wheel.
  • Calfskin gloves or thick cotton ones to shield your fingers from getting scorched. If you are doing it right the ring will get extremely hot amid the cleaning procedure.
  • Cleaning Compound. In a perfect world, you need a brilliant compound of 0.5 microns, similar to the one that is utilized in polishing loose diamonds.
  • A cleaning machine with a cotton buffing wheel that has a substantial width. The larger the diameter quicker the polishing will be.

  1. Smudge some polishing paste onto the ring
  2. Start polishing small area, apply pressure on the ring for polishing. You will notice paste on the ring will become black which is the sign that paste is working to remove the tungsten carbide on the surface. You will notice that the ring will become very hot. Use gloves rotate ring position. Use the towel to wipe the black residual of the paste from the ring. Re-apply polishing compound and polish the whole ring

    Once finish rinse the ring with water and soap cleanser and wipe it thoroughly

How durable is a tungsten wedding band?

Tungsten is the most scratch resistant and durable wedding band material. Below is a quick snapshot of durability comparison of different wedding band metal based on Mohs scale of hardnessWe have also included fingernail for the comparison sake with the other materials.

Mohls Scale Of Hardness Graph - Splendid Jewellery

As you can see from the above chart only diamond, sapphire and topaz are more durable material then Tungsten. It is due to the chemical element with the most astounding dissolving point and the most noteworthy rigidity it will always retain its roundness and will not be out of shape.

Is tungsten wedding bands waterproof?

The appropriate response is Yes and No. Confusing right? Let’s delve into this. Tungsten Wedding band is made of Tungsten Carbide material. Tungsten carbide is made by consolidating an equivalent number of tungsten and carbon atoms. The result is an amazingly fine powder which is then mixed with a nickel or cobalt. This permits making a compound which can be made into shapes like wedding bands. If the Tungsten carbide blended with Nickle it will never rust. But if it is blended with Cobalt it has great odds of rusting. We source our ring which is made cobalt free and of high quality and that is the reason we can offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our tungsten wedding rings.

Can tungsten wedding bands be resized?

You cannot resize Tungsten Wedding Band. But if we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee so if you need a different size we will provide you free exchange for the ring.

Can you engrave tungsten wedding bands?

Yes, a tungsten wedding band can be engraved. At Splendid Jewellery, we offer free engraving on the selected wedding band.