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Birthstone Jewellery - FAQ's

4 Most common questions Answered About Birthstone

What is Birthstone?

For each month of the year, a birthstone is associated with stone. There are below twelve birthstones for each month

 Month Birthstone Significance 
January Garnet Red garnets symbolize truth and fidelity
February Amethyst

It is said that bright amethyst represents courage and inner strength

March Aquamarine

Aquamarine symbolized deep happiness and friendship

April Diamond

Eternity, health and abundance are symbolized by diamonds

May Emerald Emerald is all about loyalty and love
June Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone Pearl brings peace, friendship and beauty
July Ruby Ruby Symbolizes integrity, trust and strength
August Peridot

Success, good fortune and loyalty are believed to bring by Peridot

September Sapphire Sapphire represents good fortune, goodness and wisdom
October Opal, Tormaline

Opal is the birthstone of inspiration, calm and enduring love

November Citrine, Topaz Citrine birthstone reassures and energizes
December Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon Topaz birthstone inspires and bring understanding


As above, every birthstone carries the quality and you connect with it by wearing it. Not everybody believes this in today's modern age. But this mythological power remains a strong motivation to buy birthstone jewelry as a gift for loved ones.


What is the history behind Birthstone?

It is believed that the origins of birthstones date back to Aaron's breastplate containing twelve gemstones representing Israel's twelve tribes.

Can a birthstone ring be an engagement ring?

Jewelry always represents who we are. So it is obvious that everyone feels attracted to their own birthstone. Before choosing any gemstone for your ring we suggest referring to two main factors hardness and durability. As per Mohs hardness scale, Alexandrite and Diamond are the most appropriate stone to use in an engagement ring. In 2019 non-diamond ring specially made of birthstone is most popular engagement trends.

What is Lab Alexandrite Stone?

June birthstone Alexandrite is extremely rare and expensive. It's capable of changing color. It will be green in daylight, but in artificial light, it will change its color to violet-red. Lab Alexandrite is real, but synthetic, Alexandrite. The stone has the same natural Alexandrite physical and chemical properties. It was made in a laboratory, not within the Earth.