Peridot August Birthstone

August Birthstone Peridot is only available in lime green. The spiritual belief of Peridot is that it is the gemstone of positive power. This birthstone was first recovered in Topazios island of Red Sea and it was called Topazos. Since the early civilizations, it is considered a protective power that keeps the darkness away. If your loved one is August born give them the power of positivity with this Peridot birthstone jewellery. It is also believed that Peridot birthstone jewellery helps you fight against addiction. Peridot's birthstone for August is believed to be the gemstone of warmth and wellbeing. The Old school belief is that wearer of the Peridot birthstone gets the abundant universe.

This spectacular green ring from the Splendid Jewellery collection features faceted quality peridot which increases the eye-catching appeal of the design. It lends your wardrobe a touch of sophistication. Perfect for emphasising the beauty of birthstones, this ring makes for a special gift choice. It can be paired with other rings from this range to create a beautiful and personalised look.