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Most frequently asked questions about Sterling Silver

What is silver sterling?
The alloy used for producing 925 sterling rings consists of 92.5% pure silver and the rest is usually made from copper.
What to expect when buying Sterling Silver Rings?
925 sterling silver rings are the most popular choice for an engagement ring. They are durable, affordable, and will last you a lifetime. Sterling silver rings are made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper which is why they are durable, but at the same time affordable. Silver is malleable, which means it can be easily shaped to create different designs.
Is a 925 ring real?
925 sterling silver is real and very precious metal. It's strong and doesn't corrode so it's ideal for jewelry; including rings.
What is better 925 silver or sterling silver?
925 silver is the more accurate description because it means that 92.5 percent of the total metal content is silver and 7.5 percent is another material
Is 925 silver good quality?
Yes, it means the highest purity of silver. Alloys are made from 95% silver. The remainder 75% is generally copper, but occasionally there are other metals, including nickel. Silver is the main component and has a strong influence on the overall quality of silver jewellery. The higher the silver content, the better quality and value for money.
Is silver OK for an engagement ring?
Silver has comparatively softness and is malleable. Pure silver is lighter but is not suitable for creating a durable wedding ring. Instead, sterling silver is regarded as today a preferred choice in silver wedding rings. The alloy contains more nickel and is very resistant to damage. Silver rings are easy to clean, but silver will wear off over time especially if the rings are worn daily.
Will a sterling silver engagement ring last?
When we give or receive rings our symbols are essentially given. .. What is the life span of a sterling ring? Typically sterling silver rings last about 30 years if properly kept, but are worn only occasionally in a good condition.
When to wear a sterling silver ring?
Due to the beauty and durability, not only engagement rings can be made from sterling silver, but also other rings, e.g. wedding rings, friendship rings, or other similar designs. These are made to be worn daily and must be durable enough to take daily wear and tear.
How to care for sterling silver rings?
Sterling silver is a relatively soft metal, so it is possible to scratch or dent. A 925 silver ring is not very hard, so you cannot expect it to remain as bright and shiny as a gold ring for an extended period of time. Wear and tear are inevitable so the best way to maintain a sterling silver ring, is to remove it when you shower or wash your hands; especially if the ring is worn daily. Sterling silver rings should be stored and not left in the open air because they will tarnish quickly. The products that are used to clean silver jewellery tarnish them.
How to remove stains from sterling silver rings?
Sterling silver rings can be cleaned using a soft cloth, but the best way to clean them is using special metal cleaners.
You can remove stains from your silver ring by soaking it in a mixture of baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide. After an hour rinse your ring in hot water, dry it with a soft cloth, and polish.
Is 925 sterling silver valuable?
925 silver is valuable in terms of material. One ounce of pure silver will make a total of $252.83. One ounce will make a total of $2252.83. 925 sterling is about $22.85.
Is sterling silver good for rings?
Sterling Silver rings have extremely low costs due to the neutrality of these rings. Sterling silver has been widely accepted as the most popular metal in jewelry and buying for accessories can also be very helpful for women and men. Sterling silver rings can be found in a variety of styles.
What does 925 mean on a silver ring?
A 925 silver ring is a name given to the 92.5 percent of the total metal content in the ring must be pure silver and 7.5 percent is another metal alloy. The other 7.5 percent consists of the other metals in this case, generally copper, but occasionally there are also other metals such as nickel.
If sterling silver rings are made of 95% silver and 5% copper, how does it affect the ring?
If sterling silver rings are made of 95% silver and 5% copper, that will give the ring a softer metal. It may not be resistant to dents, scratches, and other defects. A sterling silver ring made of 50% silver and 50 % copper will be harder than the 95% silver 5%
What happens if Sterling Silver tarnish?
Silver tarnish is a chemical reaction between hydrogen sulfide (HS) in air and silver metal surface. When such reactions occur, sulfur atoms penetrate into the surface of silver particles, causing their surface to change color. Silver does not corrode or rust, but it can form sulfides that are either black or yellow depending on the type of sulfur that is involved in the reaction.
Is a 925 sterling silver ring good for wedding rings?
925 Silver Rings are very popular, affordable, and can be custom-made to meet your needs. They are considered good alternatives for women's wedding rings because they are not too expensive, are very durable, 925 silver has a bright luster, and are very easy to clean.
What is the meaning of a ring in sterling silver?
Rings made from Sterling Silver are a popular choice due to their affordability, durability, and luster. Rings may be custom-made or bought in retail stores. Sterling Silver rings can be shaped into any design of your choice to represent special events, memories, and important people in one's life.