3 Most Common Women and Men's Wedding Band Questions and Answers

December 13, 2018

There is no doubt that the couple puts a lot of effort in selecting a wedding place setting and registry but for their wedding band they are baffled. Before you buy your wedding band read this article first. There are other important information’s you need to know too. This in-depth post will help you to make an informed decision about buying your wedding ring.

 Let’s get started:

Should the Wedding Band Match the Engagement Ring?

Make sure you consider all aspects of this question:

As in most cases, you can apply our own preferences. However, thinking practical about this aspect often helps to make the best long-term decision.

For the bride, it seems sensible to pick a band and ring that will fit well together. This will present well on her finger. However:

  • Some brides don’t wear the engagement ring forever.
  • Brides don’t always wear them on the same finger.

Thus, don’t feel pressured to find something that fits together 100%.

The bride and groom now have to decide whether they want their rings to match. This could be a symbol of unity, but consider this before you let this rule your decisions:

  • An active guy may prefer men’s outdoor wedding rings which won’t easily match with a woman’s dainty preferences.
  • Different rings could signify how you accept each other’s unique characteristics. 
  • Different metals suit different skin tones. Tungsten Carbide wedding bands may suit men but women may prefer yellow gold.

Should the Wedding Band Go On First?

Traditionally, most couples have two rings for the bride and one for the man. Of course, you’re proposing to your partner with the stunning ring that shows her how much you love her and then you’ll add a wedding ring too. But what to do on the day of the wedding? Which goes on first?

For general wear, the rules are clear: The wedding ring or band must be worn closest to the hand. This signifies the closeness between the couple; nothing obstructing their love. It’s also a practical decision as brides often take off their engagement rings, but are less likely to leave their wedding rings at home. With the engagement ring positioned on the outside, it’s easy to quickly slip it off.

 Apart from this, you can decide the rules for yourself:

  • A bride may go into the wedding ceremony wearing the engagement ring on either hand.
  • After the wedding, the engagement ring can be worn on any finger.
  • The two rings can be permanently joined together.

That’s more complicated than the rules for men’s wedding ring wearing, but women deserve their uniqueness, right?

Can You Wear My Wedding Band Before the Wedding?

Here’s a question both of you should ask. And most probably you’ll make up your own rules. All couples differ, right?

When you pick out a stunning men’s wedding band with gold, chances are you may want to wear it immediately. Apart from looking stylish, that will communicate to the whole world how much you love someone.

In a similar way, even if a bride-to-be has her engagement on her finger, she may want to wear her wedding ring or band too. Wearing it makes sense. It’s one of the most impressive pieces of jewellery she will ever own, so why hide it in the closet until the wedding?

To create some distinction you can wear these wedding rings for men and women on other fingers than the traditional ring fingers. On your special day, you can then slip women and men’s diamond wedding bands into their proper places as final signs of commitment.

 But we suggest you consider the following before slipping them on before the wedding. Will it really be as special on THE day if you start wearing them now? Unless you pick from Tungsten Carbide rings for men, chances are it will wear out due to heavy duty work or sports activities. Don’t you want to enjoy the newness and perfection on the day you make that eternal promise?


Hopefully, we’ve solved some of your challenges for you. Now you can focus on the other wedding plans again. Enjoy!

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